Debut EP. Released March 23, 2017 on Batona Music.

Yung Coyote resides way out in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, between wooded rivers along the Batona Trail itself, the namesake of Batona Music.

Since his resurgence from the depths of the cedar swamp in 2012, he has become an infamous creature of the Pine Barrens. From the culture-altering Gridwork parties in Atlantic City to audio features in grand scale European art installations, his work so far as been powerful, yet sparse; until he brought us here, on this Path of Symbols.

In desolation, he can be found cutting trails to mythical dimensions of sound on global instruments and archaic machinery; carving messages into time through glorious notes and purifying echo. Coyote has been scanning all cultures modern and antique, and there is no telling what direction the trail may take next…

Liner Notes:
Through the skin drum and cedar flute we will walk together.

Drums, flute, yidaki, field recordings by Yung Coyote.

Performed, recorded, programmed, and produced by Yung Coyote in 2013. Except: West /// Black made in 2014.

Mixed by Evan Wilder in 2016.
Mastered by Mike Cain.

Medicine wheel created by Yung Coyote.
Photography by Yung Coyote.
Design and editing by Nice Looking Designs.

May your fires be controlled
And your water run clean.

Dedicated to KD Cyr.


The Yung Coyote story isn’t to be told here. What can be said, is that from the depths of the Pine Barrens resides an elusive figure who glides in and out of myth & music across moonlit cedar swamps lulled by hypnotic flute, and on through the endless sugar sand trails trudged by basslines eternal through Pinelands oblivion.

Yung Coyote goes beyond the surface and returns with not only crystalline wonders and time-honed artifacts from bygone earth eras from his adventures through the Underworld, but also the treasures of the intangible suffused in his songs.

Incorporating flute, didgeridoo, dan moi, harmonica, bass guitar, and more through a lo-tech studio regularly exposed to sand and morning dew, he combines these elements in an electronic ecosystem to take the willing down trails into his otherly domain.

Yung Coyote released Path Of Symbols (PATH21) in 2017.



Search and Explore

December 7, 2018



End of the year update: Sounds and landscapes are being explored; social media stays present but largely abandoned; a search is on for a new flute; a new laptop has brought new possibilities and music-making efficiency; paws are dirty digging for crystalized mineral formations.

If you listen, you may hear the Yung Coyote making new musical magic at his own pace.  Recordings are being made in pitch black still of night, in the natural forest reverb along the Batsto.

Live All-Night New Year's Eve Warehouse Party

December 30, 2017


Ace Glotura

Yung Coyote performs live this New Year's Eve/New Years Day at Ace Glotura (Facebook event page) in Chester, PA. See link for full details.


Play loud without distraction, in its entirety, and allow the cedar flute to wash over and through you.


Path Of Symbols is for the loving memory of KD Cyr.


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