Biography from Batona Music:

The Yung Coyote story isn’t to be told here. What can be said, is that from the depths of the Pine Barrens resides an elusive figure who glides in and out of myth & music across moonlit cedar swamps lulled by hypnotic flute, and on through the endless sugar sand trails trudged by basslines eternal through Pinelands oblivion.

Yung Coyote goes beyond the surface and returns with not only crystalline wonders and time-honed artifacts from bygone earth eras from his adventures through the Underworld, but also the treasures of the intangible suffused in his songs.

Incorporating flute, didgeridoo, dan moi, harmonica, bass guitar, and more through a lo-tech studio regularly exposed to sand and morning dew, he combines these elements in an electronic ecosystem to take the willing down trails into his otherly domain.

Yung Coyote released Path Of Symbols (PATH21) in 2017.